Our Tools of the Trade

Application/Contract Workflow

Licensee application and onboarding workflow tools

Contract Rights Management

Manage all aspects of your licensing agreement mandates, contracts, and the associated rights

Digital Asset Management

Manage and distribute any format of digital file with our contract management software

Approval Workflows

Route, review and report on all licensee submissions

Royalty Management & Reporting

Automate the management, tracking, forecasting, and reporting of all royalties

Compliance & AuditTracking

Track and store all compliance forms and updates for factories, products, safety and other compliance activity

Brand Protection

Currency grade holograms, authentication labels, and hang tags

Consumer Engagement

Proprietary tools and technology to connect and monitor consumer sentiment

Licensee Scorecard

Extract performance data from all other modules to develop a single score for each licensee

Advanced Reporting

Scenario-based reporting platform. Key reports at your fingertips.

Data Analytics

Slice and dice your data and go deep into the numbers!


Your Licensing Program at your fingertips!

Introducing a total game changer for College Licensing Management from the leader in Licensing technology

Introducing a total game changer for College Licensing Management from the leader in Licensing technology

BrandComply College
BrandComply College

What is BrandComply College?

It is a platform based on the Licensing Industry’s leading technology solution, BrandComply.com. Octane5 has developed BrandComply College specifically for the Collegiate Licensing Market. This unique solution leverages 21 years of Collegiate experience and bundles into an intuitive, powerful and simple to deploy product. It includes: Logo Management, Approvals, Royalties, Contracts, Compliance, Money Processing Modules and more. Pair that with experienced licensing operations personnel, and your program has everything it needs to function at the highest level.

Our Pedigree

BrandComply College is led by Mike and Matt Dunn, inventors of Logos On Demand, Stitches on Demand & Holograms on Demand while Co-Presidents at J.Patton. John Mybeck, Co Founder of SMA, will be leading the charge for this new enterprise. Their combined 50 years of experience in developing and managing systems and services for the Collegiate market, positions this team at the forefront of thought leadership for the industry.

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Brands Running BrandComply

  • Fermata College
  • FIFA
  • Fanatics
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Ford
  • GM
  • Coca-Cola
  • Budweiser
  • 50+ More!

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John Mybeck

President, BrandComply College